Fishing Boats of Essaouira

Daily Photo - Boats of Essaouira

I was surprised by Morocco in so many ways, the buzz, the noise, the exotic smells but I hadn't been prepared to be as surprised as I was by Essaouira. When the bus, from Marrakech, pulled into the city it was as though driving into a town on the French Riviera, the shuttered buildings and the well manicured green palm filled islands in the centre of the road. As the dry dusty landscape turned to a lush green and descended into this oasis by the see I experienced the same surprise and awe I felt on that first visit as a child.

There is a small but busy working fishing port in Essaouira where everything seems to be going on. Boat building, fishing and cooking. The smell of barbecued fish fills the air, as numerous little stalls cook the daily catch, attracting all the locals as well as the resident birds and cats who for a brief moment ignore each other in favor of snatching a morsel of food.

If that wasn't enough of an attraction, they also filmed Game of Thrones here. :) Unfortunately, Daenerys was long gone!