Sunset in Staple

Staple is a small village just outside Canterbury in England. Like most small villages in Kent it is surrounded by farmland and is pretty flat which makes for great sunsets with big colorful skies. Most villages have a small pub from which to enjoy the sunsets. Perfect.

Stay tuned - I'll soon be putting up some tutorials on how to produce photos like the one above.

The Blue Hour in The Blue City

The Blue Hour in the Blue City

Today's Pic - The Blue Hour in The Blue City

My favorite city in Morocco - Chefchaouen. All the houses are painted various shades of blue and at night the blue core of the city is surrounded by a rich band of gold. This was taken from a nearby hill on top of which lies a Spanish mosque. The whole city has a Spanish mediterranean feel to it. The food is superb, the people even better. It's a place you must visit.

Rapeseed Fields of Adisham

Todays Pic - Rapeseed Fields of Adisham

This time of year the farmland of South East Kent is emblazoned with the bright yellow flowers of Rapeseed which go on for miles. The smell is incredible but not so good to those asthma and hay fever sufferers. A storm was approaching and the damp air only accentuated the incredible smell. This picture was made with the iPhone 6s Plus and, this time, processed in Lightroom.

I'll be putting up some videos soon to show you how I process my pictures in phone, using lightroom and with photoshop..... if anyone is interested!

Train Lines of Ashford

Pic of The Day - Train Lines of Ashford

These lines head south through the Channel Tunnel and into Europe. Another photo taken with the iPhone 6s Plus. I love the simplicity of taking a photo and within a couple of minutes processing it and publishing online. I'm trying to keep it simple and concentrate on just using a few different apps, mainly so I can remember what I've done and so I don't get bogged down with too many choices. My favorite picture making app is Camera+. It's simple to use and it's manual settings are a breeze. I also like the way it's so easy to change the EV value quickly.

Springtime in Margate

This photo was taken on the seafront in Margate, just in front of the relatively newly built Turner Art Gallery. This was my first experiment with the iPhone 6s Plus and I'm loving it. The day of the small point and shoot camera must surely be over now that the quality of camera phones are so good and the processing just incredible with the huge amount of apps out there. And the biggest plus is that they are always with you so you can catch those spontaneous moments. As the saying goes - the best camera is the one you have with you. I can see myself doing more and more photography with the iPhone.

This photo was taken and processed using the VSCO app and using the C8 filter.